Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lady Gaga: VERY Available to Audition for Your New Movie

It should come as no surprise that Lady Gaga has aspirations to being in film someday—like nearly all pop stars in the year 2011, she is nearly as much actress as she is musician in her performances and general public persona. But Gaga isn’t content with using her fame and stature to secure herself roles in the latest blockbuster or art-house flick—as she explains in a preview from her upcoming appearance onEllen, she doesn’t want to cheat the process. “I wanna audition!” the pop star complains to Ellen. “I wanna work for it! When I get offered jobs and I don’t audition for them, I turn them down.”
She explained why the objection: “When I talk about acting, I’m always surprised no one ever asks me to audition…they’ll just say ‘I want her to do this movie’ and I’m just like why? You haven’t seen me act before.” Uh, Gaga, you know you make a lot of music videos that have elaborate stories and lots of extraneous dialogue (often in foreign languages for no reason)? It’s not film acting, but it’s still technically acting. Those videos are a lot more popular than you might realize—that thingwhere you and Beyoncé Honey Bee go on the lam and eat pastries and talk in non-existent aphorisms has been viewed nearly 130 million times, for one.
Meanwhile, what kind of movies does Gaga want to appear in? “My dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie,” she says. The vest-and-tie look just might work for her.

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