Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twilight's Ashley Greene: I'm Fit Enough for Action Movies

Not surprisingly, Greene says working on “Twilight” with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner was an amazing experience.

“To work with incredible directors is like a crash course for acting,” she gushes.

“And we [the cast] have all become a family so it has been nice, personally and as an actor, to learn and grow with these people, and to have someone to relate to who is in the same circumstances.

“The amount of attention and insanity surrounding those films changed all our lives. But it happened to us together and it’s had a tremendous effect on how close we are now,” she says.

Ashley has parlayed her athletic good looks into a lucrative modeling career, and loves fashion.
She was recently named a rep for DKNY jeans and for Mark Cosmetics.

She posed naked in body paint for Sobe fitness water last year and the campaign was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

“I like to shop; I like fashion,” says Greene. “I like things that are not too super-girly but have a feminine twist. And I’m excited by amazing dresses!

“It’s nice because, in everyday life, I like to be comfortable and put together, but on the red carpet, I love being glamorous. The whole dressing up thing is every girl’s fantasy.”

The actress is currently dating Broadway’s Reeve Carney, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly. Carney, who currently stars in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

She previously dated Jonas Brothers band member Joe Jonas.
The “Twilight” franchise gave Greene the kind of exposure young actors dream about in Hollywood but quality roles for women are still in short supply, especially as the industry struggles with low theater attendance.

“It has always been hard, but it is now very competitive,” says Ashley. “It’s hard to break out, and it is still hard for me. I am fighting for my next job.

“Nothing is set in stone. So you have to really love acting to go through that grind every day. But once you get a role, it’s worth it.”

Ashley has two films coming out, “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” with Miley Cyrus and “The Boom Boom Room.”

She’s also appear in a three-episode guest starring role in TV’s dramedy “Pan Am” with Christina Ricci.

Puss in Boots stomps on Twilight

The first of the holiday season movies have ended Breaking Dawn's run at the top of the Australian box office.
Though Puss in Boots has managed to edge out New Year's Eve in their debut weekend in cinemas, with the animated cat's tale taking $2.91 million against the rom-com's $2.64m, figures from the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia show.

They pushed the latest Twilight movie into third place after three weeks of top billing, also dropping Adam Sandler's comedy Jack and Jill and British teen comedy The Inbetweeners down two places to fourth and fifth, respectively.

Seasonal animation Arthur Christmas has stayed steady in sixth place while George Clooney's political thriller The Ides of March dropped two places to number seven.

Sword-and-sandals spectacular Immortals fell four places to eighth position, Brad Pitt's baseball flick Moneyball dropped two places to ninth, and Woody Allen's comedy Midnight in Paris rounds out the Top Ten, still packing them in after eight weeks in release.


1. Puss in Boots - $2.918 million (Paramount)

2. New Year's Eve - $2.645 million (Warner Bros)

3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - $1.152 million (Hoyts)

4. Jack and Jill - $1.041 million (Sony Pictures)

5. The Inbetweeners - $999,980 (Roadshow)

6. Arthur Christmas - $558,100 (Sony Pictures)

7. The Ides of March - $530,940 (Roadshow)

8. Immortals - $488,544 (Universal)

9. Moneyball - $188,933 (Sony Pictures)

10. Midnight in Paris - $136,440 (eOne/Hopscotch)


Taylor Swift got to do something she’d never done before while shooting her latest video for ‘Ours’ — she got to work the camera. The nearly-22-year-old songstress acted with her faux boyfriend Zach Gilford to create the home movie effect seen in the clip.
“About to go make some videos… Home movies and cute things that I’m gonna be reminiscing back on while I’m in my awful work day,” Swift tells the camera in the opening shot of her latest behind-the-scenes webisode. The singer decided that having home movies intermixed in the actual video would give it a more personal feel, or as director Declan Whitebloom explains, “home movies to show the lighter side of life.”
The crew was going for a retro feel with the old school clips, and obtained the look by using a 8 mm camera effect. “We started to film Taylor and Zach doing those very actions together, like making their home movies,” Declan spills. “But we realized quite quickly that it was actually better to give them the camera.”
Taylor and Zach seemingly ran away with their newfound behind-the-camera freedom, even shooting when the director was out of sight, according to him. “They filmed each other like a real couple. That’s created a much more genuine, less professional look, which is what we were going for the whole time.”

Renner copes with new Hollywood status

There are plenty of reasons why Jeremy Renner is walking through life with a smile on his face.
The 40-year-old actor picked up acting Oscar nominations the past two years and in 2012 he replaces Matt Damon as the new face of the Bourne action films.
Next year Renner will also play Hawkeye alongside Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth's Thor in the all-star superhero film The Avengers and as Hansel in the comedy-action fairytale Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.
Renner, however, jokes his most impressive achievement took place while making Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.
The achievement?
While Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol's number one star Tom Cruise was hanging outside the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai, for what some are calling the most dangerous stunt performed in film history, Renner and his other co-stars Simon Pegg and Paula Patton were safely tucked away inside the 829.84m structure.
"We just had to sit inside and sip on some tea," Renner laughs in an interview with AAP.
"We didn't have to do all of that."
Cruise demanded to perform the stunt on his own so when audiences buy their popcorn and sit down for the latest chapter of the Mission: Impossible franchise they will not be seeing a stunt double hanging off the Burj Khalifa.
It is Cruise risking his life.
"Oh yeah," Renner, when asked if Cruise was enjoying himself, responds.
"He was having fun. He was smiling from ear to ear between takes.
"It is the tallest building in the world and twice the size of the Empire State building.
"That's a good comparison for Americans.
"I don't know if there's a building like that (the Empire State building) in Australia, but let's just say it's tall."
Renner plays Will Brandt, the chief analyst of US espionage agency the Impossible Missions Force (IMF).
When a terrorist bombing in Moscow destroys the Kremlin and the IMF is blamed, agent Ethan Hunt (Cruise), Brandt and IMF colleagues Benji Dunn (Pegg) and Jane Carter (Patton) are forced to initiate an independent operation known as "ghost protocol".
"Things go awry," Renner, born in Modesto, California, explains.
"Then everything shuts down, we become rogue agents essentially and hence ghost protocol.
"We are thrust together to overcome great obstacles and within that dynamic of the four agents you realise that not everybody is who they say they are or who they appear to be.
"It's a spy franchise and you never know with spies if they are good, bad or where their allegiances lie."
Renner first came to the attention of Hollywood executives and film critics with his Independent Spirit Award nominated performance as American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the 2002 biopic, Dahmer, but it was not until 2009's The Hurt Locker, playing a member of a US bomb squad unit in Iraq, that catapulted Renner to the next level.
Renner received his first Oscar nomination for the performance and The Hurt Locker went on to beat Avatar for the best picture Academy Award.
In February Renner had to find himself another tuxedo after the Academy honoured him with a second consecutive nomination for his performance as a crook in the Ben Affleck bank heist film, The Town.
As the new face of the Bourne films, sharing the screen with Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, The Avengers role and as the lead in Gretel: Witch Hunters, Renner finds himself being tagged as a movie star.
He is not sure about the label.
"If that's what that is, I have no idea," Renner shrugs.
"I have certainly enjoyed working. I can tell you that.
"There have been a lot of wonderful of opportunities I have seemingly stumbled across with Mission being the first big monster out of the gate.
"I enjoyed the heck out of that and ever since then it has been more action movies after that.
"Who knows what the future holds.
"Maybe a nap."
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol opens in Australian cinemas on December 15